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Birding Channel on your TV?


Did you know that there is a birding channel and that you might be able to get it? Read more

The Great Verde Valley Bird Tunnel

Do you know any bird species that have used the Verde River Valley as a tunnel to extend its range from the low desert into Cottonwood? I do. Read more

Vermillion Flycatcher along the Verde River.

These are photos of the Vermillion Flycatcher I worked with today outside Camp Verde, Arizona. But, did you know that these birds have had an economic impact beyond just looking pretty? Read more

Bird Congregations at Dead Horse SP

Have you noticed that bird species which are very territorial in the spring and summer tend to flock in the winter? I have, and I think it’s rather interesting. Read more

What’s So Great About “Riparian” I

Are you drawn to the green belts that live along streams and washes in the Southwestern deserts? So are the birds and you may start to list reasons why this is so. I will give you one more that you probably missed: 3-dimensional geometry. Read more

January Robins in the Verde Valley

We have been visited big-time by Robins this winter. The Verde seems to have been chosen as the favorite stopping place for Robin migration. Read more

CBC, Camp Verde, Arizona 2011/12

This table summarizes the results of all six sectors of the Audubon Christmas Bird Count in the Camp Verde Area during the Christmas 2011 time period. Two things should jump off this table: Read more

CBC Camp Verde

Today – Jan. 02, 2012, six of us participated in the Audubon CBC in Camp Verde, AZ. In nearly eight hours we listed 50species for 1496 individual birds. These are photos of some of them. Read more