January Robins in the Verde Valley

We have been visited big-time by Robins this winter. The Verde seems to have been chosen as the favorite stopping place for Robin migration.

American Robin

Robin in your face

In the past I have seen a few Robins passing through here during the Winter. For that matter we have always had a few breeding pairs here in the Spring and Summer. There have never been a huge number like you see in the Eastern states. I always think of the Robins I saw as kid in Ohio pulling worms out of the ground and I have no trouble understanding why they are not common here. We lack ground; unless you call dry rock ground. To pull worms from the ground here would require a species of Robins with woodpecker bills and also worms. So I do not loo for number of Robins.

AMerican Robin and Pyracantha

Where's Waldo?

But this Winter we have had large flocks (30-40) of Robins hanging around here. Since they are not banded, I really don’t know for sure that I am looking at the same flocks or several passing through. I do know that there are more than I have seen in the past. I have also noticed that the Pyracantha bushes are full of berries. That can’t be a coincidence with birds that love berries. Sure, worms would always top my list but if they aren’t around, then I would go for the nice hard berries in the thorny nasty bushes every time.

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