Camera at Page Springs


Common Yellow-ThroatI took a birding trip to Bubbling Ponds at Page Springs this week to play with the camera and to take these photos.

My camera is a Canon EOS with a 250mm telephoto zoom. It is not expensive equipment but it suits my needs most of the time. The two photos here were taken using an iso of 400 and a format of 3888×2592. Experience has shown me that this works well for most bird photography. I keep the camera set Av most of the time which sets my exposure so that I do not need to make quick adjustments.

I sat on the edge of a dry pond that was covered with dead cattails and other vegetation. Although few birds were to be seen, I did know that a Common Yellowthroat hangs out there. After waiting for him to appear I took out my Android phone and opened the iBird to Common Yellowthroat and played his call. Almost immediately he came up to look around. He was too far away for a decent photo but I shot away anyhow to see what I could do. The result below shows that he was actually past the range of a good resolution photo. Still, it was better than nothing.Common Yellow-Throat

The other bird at that same pond was a Song Sparrow but he would not sit still and was just as far away as the Yellowthroat. So, I pulled out the iBird again and played him a tune. To my surprise, he flew fairly close the me and then proceeded to fly from bush to bush in a circle around me. I wonder what I said to him that made him so interested.Song Sparrow

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