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Herons and Phoebes at Bubbling Ponds IBA

Bubbling PondsLast week I spent the morning at Bubbling Ponds in Page Springs expecting to see very little activity. Such was not the case as it never is at this Audubon IBA. It is always a great spot for birding. Read more

Sedona Wetlands Update

The Tamarisk ferry

Earlier this year the City of Sedona, AZ upgraded their wastewater facility to include six new ponds and three islands. That was several months and one monsoon season ago. This week we participated in an invasive species removal project. Read more

Yellow-Breasted Chat And His Territory

This is a story of the territorial behavior of a Yellow-breasted Chat early one morning at Bullpen Ranch campground. I think I was an object of interest. Read more

Bird’s Eyes and Bird Vision

White-crowned SparrowDid you ever wonder how a Sparrow can jab at a seed on a rock and never miss it and still keep from knocking himself silly by over-shooting? How can it do this when its eyes are located on the side of its head? I did some reading….. Read more

Vermillion Flycatcher at Dead Horse State Park


Vermillion FlycatcherThis morning I had the opportunity to interact with a male Vermillion Flycatcher. You might say that he took me on a guided tour of his territory. Read more

New Verde Bird Sites!

Two new documented birding sites have been added to the Verde Birding Trail site! Read more

Float and Bird the Verde

Floating the Verde RiverYesterday we tried to bird the Verde in a different way; we did a float trip with a group of kayakers. Read more

Sedona Wetlands Is Birthed!

Trees for a wetlandsHappy birth-day to the new Sedona Wetlands.  Cottonwoods and Willows are being planted and ponds are being filled. If you build it, birds will come. Read more

Red-wing Blackbird Calls

This week I was walking around the Lower Lagoon at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and noticed an odd thing regarding the red-winged Blackbird community there. Read more

Bird Houses and Cavities

I met a man who lives in Northern Arizona and who makes custom bird houses. He made a comment that I found to be very insightful and I felt it needed to be passed along. Read more