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Bald Eagle on a Cold Morning

  It was a cold and wintry morning – sounds like a bad novel, doesn’t it? But that was when this Bald Eagle decided to pose for me at Dead Horse SP. What else could I do but play with him? Read more

Green Heron Nesting

Green HeronThese photos were taken at Dead Horse Ranch State Park on Wed. June 6. I am indebted to the Lagoon host, Bill, for bring the Green Heron nest to my attention.


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Red-winged Blackbirds Setting up Territories

Several days ago – before our big snowstorm – I wrote a post concerning the observation that some Red-winged Blackbirds were making territorial calls but that all were still hidden in the bottom of the cattails.  All that has changed now. Read more

Red-wing Blackbird Calls

This week I was walking around the Lower Lagoon at Dead Horse Ranch State Park and noticed an odd thing regarding the red-winged Blackbird community there. Read more

Great Blue – Swan or Heron?

Do you know what a Great Blue Heron looks like in deep water?  Look at this Heron with his trout and see for yourself. Read more

Bird Congregations at Dead Horse SP

Have you noticed that bird species which are very territorial in the spring and summer tend to flock in the winter? I have, and I think it’s rather interesting. Read more

Birds at Dead Horse S. P. Dec 23, 2011

Never say there are no birds to be found on a cold and windy day; certainly not at Dead Horse State Park in December. These are some photos today: Read more