Beasley Flats

Description:  Beasley Flat runs along the Verde River just below Camp Verde. It is a relatively narrow strip of riparian habitat on rocky, flat ground. This is a favorite spot for river trips - both commercial and private - to enter and leave the River. There are picnic facilities and restrooms available.

The river here is often deep and slow. The far side is steep canyon wall and is not accessible. Dominant vegetation is Cottonwood, Willow, and Salt Cedar.

Administrative Agency: Prescott National Forest -

Restrictions and fees: There are no fees; area open to birders.

Elevation: 2965'

Ease of road access: Paved road most of the way from Camp Verde.

Ease of hiking access: Very little hiking, but all is quite easy.

Approximate area size: 0.75 mile along the River.

Frequency of use by public: Moderately used by kayakers and picnickers.

Parking facilities: Excellent parking along the River side.

Non-bird Interests: Used by river tour companies such as Sedona Adventures.

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