Spring Creek

Description: Spring Creek is a small, permanent creek that flows into the much larger Oak Creek. It is quite narrow but boasts nice Sycamores and Cottonwoods. It's charm lies in the fact that it is the only sliver of riparian habitat in several miles of dry, flat desert and is perceived as an oasis of sorts by birds.

Administrative Agency: Coconino National Forest

Restrictions and fees: There are no fees; area is open for use.

Elevation: 3500'

Ease of road access: The site is accessed via a very good dirt road which, in fact crosses Spring Creek.

Ease of hiking access: A short trail can be taken with no effort.

Approximate area size: 0.5 miles along the creek.

Frequency of use by public: Rarely used, but apparently camped.

Parking facilities: Very small parking "lot" along the road edge next to the creek.

Non-bird Interests: None beyond enjoyment.

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Spring Creek

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